Friday, February 16, 2007

I cannot believe this snow.. Ava wishes she was older and she could play with Rosie who loves the snow.. Rosie is the dog by the way.. We have at least 4 feet of snow on the ground..
Here Ava is on her first day she could actually swing.. Her swing is quite upright so it has taken her a while to be ready for it..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well that little puddin has got us all sick.. First she cant keep a thing down and of course whan you take her to see the Dr she is in a great mood..Tony and I were so sick all of a sudden then.. First me then him.. The first time Tony and I planned on doing something (we weer going to Mirbeau to stay the night get massages the works,, She was coming to but I guess my brother for company put her

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Well here Ava is with her first group of friends.. This was our first mommy and baby group.. She had such a great time... How cute are those babes..
Well Ava had a visit from nurse Renee today and that little stinker weighed in at 14 Ibs and 14 oz's.. She was also 25 inches long which is quite long for 15 weeks.. I put her in a cute onesy today 3-6 months and it was too small.. I got it 2 days ago from Old Navy.. I cant believe it..Anyway thats my girl.. Gotta Love her..

Monday, February 5, 2007

Well here is the little star chuffed that she is holding herself up .. Look at those arms and that tongue.. Precious!!
Well Ava looks very pleased with herself here.. Do you think maybe too many bottles of the house white is the
Ava sporting her new sweater.. doesnt she look great
This is me with Ava's godmother on New Years Eve.. My friend Sinead and her husband Ciaron came over from Ireland.. we were so glad that they were able to see her as a baby and be there for her Christening.. This is us out that night at Delmonico's.. Yummy!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Here is Ava on her Christening day
Look at this cutie pie
This was Ava's Christmas picture.. How cheeky is she.. She is trying to whisper something to santa i think..
well here we are .. 4 Genearations of women.. My nan was delighted to get this picture..
This is your nan.. She got here on Dec 4th and she flew all the way from Bulgaria where she left your cousin Ellie who was only 4 month's old..
This was Ava's first time in her play mat.. She loved it and everyone thought she was too young...
Mummy and Ava at Christmas time.. This was her first Christmas obviously.. Do you think she will remember the gorgeous tree we had??
Great Grandma at christmas with Ava.. How cute is this pic.. Can you believe she is 75..
Well this is our family now.
Ava getting ready to brave the
Look at this cutie.. Her Great nan is holding her there.. How adorable is she..
Well this was Ava's first bath... She thought it would be cute to poop not only once but 5 times at her bath... Luckily the hammock was there to make clean up so easy.. This bath was great!!
Here is Great grandma, Rosie and Alfie.. In case you are wondering they are the dogs.. They love Ava so much.. Thank god.. I don't know what I would have done if I had to say goodbye to my first babies..
Here is mommy and baby.. She is so precious.. I have realized I am using this as a tool to write to Ava at times.. If so sorry..She is so beautiful.. I am so proud to be a mommy..
Well.. Here I am and can you believe that this is the best of a bad bunch of photos.. I look so tired and believe me I felt as tired as I looked.. Anyway I am sure i am not who you are looking at.. How gorgeous is my little girl..
Here is Daddy again with baby Ava.. She looks so tiny here.. I am sure you are all noticing that mommy isn't in many pictures.. Mommy is always the one taking the pictures..
Look at this dummy or pacifier as they are called here.. It is nearly the size of Ava's face..
This is Ava's Great Nan.. She flew all the way over from England just 10 days after she was born to help me due to the c-section.. It was such a help.. She was a very proud Great Grandma..
Uncle Andrew was so nervous to hold you but look he did ok.. He hasn't dropped you yet.. That we know of
Here is uncle Andrew with you.. How cute.. He couldn't wait for you to get here..
This is Ava lounging in her chair.. One of many lovely gifts she received from our friends the Tormeys..
Ava and daddy are here both wearing their Liverpool outfits.. We all support LFC ( Liverpool Football Club ) much to the dismay of her uncle Andrew who is a wholehearted Everton fan.. They are huge rivals!!
This is Ava the day before coming home.. She was premature honest.. I know she doesn't look it.. She was a whopper..
Ava loved to be swaddled.. How cute is this little smiler..
Ava liked to sleep a whole lot when she was first born.. Here is just one example.. Ahh!! cute!!.. The dummy is nearly the size of her little face..
Baby Ava thought that she would catch some rays whilst in hospital... She was rather tanned as you can

This was the day Ava was born.. She couldn't wait to come into this world and decided she had to be here 6 weeks early..On October 24th, 2006 She was a great size regardless of this fact and weighed a whopping 6 pounds 10 oz's and was 20.5 inches long. Ave was born in Crouse hospital and was in the NICU for 9 days.. She came home on November 2nd 2006. Mummy and daddy were the happiest parents on this day.. Daddy was proud as punch..!!



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