Thursday, June 28, 2007

This was Ava before her friends came over.. We had to change her outfit because the skirt was a little tight... She looked so cute too..
Abe Trent and Maddie are in this oicture playing in the new playroom..
Ayden and Cyndi were there
Chloe and Sarah how cute are they..
And here is beautiful Olivia..

Yesterday Abe came to play.. Yippee!!!

Ava and Abe were playing but what Abe really wanted was Rosie or Alfie
He looked out of the window for them outsidse
Soon enough Rosie came to pay her respects
Abe was delighted and then decided to relax in the ball pit..
Ava whispered something to Abe and I dont know what it was. She seemed amused by it..Him not so much. Hmmm..

Abe had a great time in the jumper but it wore him out...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Searching for Schmo again to no evail!! : (

Ava looking out of the window at Uncle Andrew's for Schmo... She was saddened that he never showed up...Bummer..
Ava is here checking out her new inflatable ball pit.. She loves it...

Ava is chilling out and relaxing ... Its a hard life being a baby...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bad parenting pic'

Ava's and our first graduation.. Congrats Kristen..

Ava relaxed before the start of the party.. She knew it would be a tiring experience
She loved Jimmy Jones who she only just met.. She was very excited to meet him and his wife Ann....Finally...
Ann wasn't far behind when this picture was taken..

Ava loved mingling with everyone.. She is a real social butterfly..With Linda, then Jimmy and Ann who hadn't met her yet... Later she decided to hang out with daddy and have a few cocktails after a refreshing Heineken..Her favourite thing seemed to be the straw..Hmmmm!!!
Ava was not impressed that we left the party early. She was just getting into it.. Below she is giving a look like her uncle Mick daddys twin brother...Weird!!

She was soon all smiles though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Here is Ava whilst being watched by daddy.. He is doing a great job.. She is really happy..

Here she is 4 hours after he leaves at 6:30.. She fell asleep while mommy was on the phone .. She is exhausted.. Poor Ava!!

Finding Schmo

Schmo is afraid of Ava and therefore it takes a bit of searching to catch him.. Here he is skulking in the bushes...
Ava decides mommy isnt feeding her enough.. I will try this green stuff.. Yummy grass..not
Let me try this leaf instead.. Hmmm Crunchy!!
Mommy and me before we go home.. It was a great day at uncle Andrews place..

Ava at uncle Andrews

She checked out the remote and got cozy on his recliner
She checked the pressure in his bike!! Very thoughtful..
Then she got accustomed to her travel cot at uncle Andrews.. Looks pretty good..Tad was there for comfort.. Thanks Tad..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Party at Ava's house!!

But what kind of party is this.. Babies naked and then below Ava gets Laid!!
Avery checking out the house
Liam and Maddie playing I dont know what and
how cute are these guys.. They really want to play with Alfie and Rosie..

Friday, June 15, 2007

OK so Ava had her eye on Liam!!!

She saw him...
She chased him down
gives him a spanking
And he gives her a kiss... Ahhhhhh!!!!!



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