Friday, May 30, 2008

Fo you Great Nanna..

Wearing her new dress Ava gets some practice in feeding the baby.. She is going to be the biggest helper when the baby comes.....

I remember when I got to drink from one of these.. Tasty..
Running around like a crazy woman..
Who me.. I didnt do it... Thanks for the dress nan it looks great on her..
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Ava gets a package!

Great nanny in England sent Ava a package.. Here she is opening it up..

Oooohhhh a dress .. Nice.. She says..

Reading her card that had a picture of a boy and a girl kissing... Nanny said it reminded her of Ava and Ayden..

Thanks Nanny for my presents..
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gorgeous Pic..

Thanks Sarah for this picture..
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Morning at Chloe's

Here we are all eating a snack..

Abe and I take some time to enjoy the flowers..
Mommy helps me with my bicycle skills..
And here mommy is hugging Chloe.. She doesnt look too thrilled about it.. Ha Ha..

Thanks for having us over.. The mornings go by so quick when I am hanging out with my friends..
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial day ..

It was Memorial weekend so daddy was off and we went to Verona Beach..

Here I am playing in the sand.. I loved it..I played here quite happy for 30 minutes... BRILLIANT!!
I tried to help daddy blow up the beach ball.. Mommy got a rather large one by mistake.... OOPS!!!! It was as big as me..
The water felt great today because it was pretty warm..

I had a great day at the beach and later that day we went to Sno Top..Of course no pictures of that.. Mommy forgot the camera..Go figure...
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

After the park off to Panera

After the park I worked up a bit of an appetite which has been amiss lately.. I ate a roast beef and cheddar sandwich and got this great smoothie afterwards..

Wow I think I have brainfreeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!
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Sunday at Onondaga Lake!

I went to my favourite park on Sunday for a nice walk
I got to play on the slide which I absolutely love..
Gave daddy kisses.. I was so excited he didnt go to Germany after all...
Weee... I love the slide...
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Couped up with Croup!!

Well I got Croup AGAIN and have been stuck indoors since Thursday.. Finally we got some warm weather and I got to play outside...

I got to swing and as you can see I am feeling much better..

I got rid of some saved up energy chasing Ro Ro ( Rosie ) and Albee's ( Alfie )...

Thank goodness the Dr gave me some good steroids and I was nowhere near as bad as I was last time..
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Averys 2nd Birthday

Here Avery is blowing out her candle.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY..

Ava was very weiry when we first got there but she soon warmed up..

Chloe was there..

And Abe..
theres Maddie too..

Mommy tried to help get me comfortable going down the slide.. She had more fun than me at times..
Theres my buddy pulling tongues and being cheeky as usual..
Dont ask what he is doing here but he sure looks pleased with himself..Ha Ha..
Daddy went down the slide too...LOTS!!!
Heres Liam who mastered the ladder brilliantly..

What a great birthday party.. I was exhausted at the end of the day..

Thanks for a great birthday Avery..

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