Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A new puppy!!

I bet you thought we really got one.. No no just a pink Labradoodle you know.. Ava just couldnt make it through the night to see all the trick or treaters.. She was in bed by 6:45 exhausted.. Ah well theres always next year..

She was quite happy watching over the candy befor the trick or treaters came..

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Taking the new ride for a test drive..

It was a great day today and even though I couldnt hang out with any other friend because of my cold I just went for a drive in my new wagon.. It was so much better than a stroller.. The only thing better would have been a friend in the other seat..
This thing goes pretty fast....Wheeeeeee!!!!!
I love my new wagon..
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks Uncle Andrew!!!

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Ava didnt feel well so no Library today BUT!!

We did receive uncle Andrews birthday present for Ava.. She loves it..Yeahhh!!!!

We are hoping that Ava feels better so we can take it out for a spin tomorrow..

She is trying to figure out just how the whole thing works.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween party.. Scarrrry!!

Well here they are all dressed up and nowhere to go..

Abe and Ava are mezmorized by abe's dad Todd!!How did you get those beads Todd????
Here is the cheerleader and a cutie called Nemo...

Thanks for having us Avery..
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday..

Jake wasted no time eating his birthday cake..
Here is his gorgeous birthday table..Can you guess the theme..
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The gang at Jakes..

Liam and Nicholas exploring Jakes goodies....
The doting Daddy!!
Avery looks pretty bored here...
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Trying to get Aydens attention...

First she stole his wand...
Then pulled on his shirt as she does..
Then lays all over himand finally he was all smiles...
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Ava was pooped!!

Ava was so pooped she even let uncle Anthony hold her... She must have really been in pain.. Just kidding Anto!!!
Ava was pretty canky at the party so when we got home we let her open her present from Jake and Kate..
Needless to say it was smiles all around..
PS: She got her second molar through...
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

We were supposed to go to Green Lakes today but Ava's shots put a wrench in that..
Instead we stayed home and made great use of her swing set and a spectacular fall day...
The leaves aren't the only things falling a lot these days, Ava had another tumble today.. Great..

Leaves a fallin and Ava Swingin

The slide was a lot of fun too... I love my playset..... : -)

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More presents

Liam and his mommy stopped by with my birthday gift... All Liam was interested in was my Balloon...He he!!
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