Sunday, July 27, 2008

Penguin Palooza

We went to the Penguin Palooza tonight.. What fun..

Here are the stars..

There were dancers there too..
And I got to sit on a fire truck... Wow!!
My favorite place was on daddys shoulders...
Here are the Elephants rear ends.. That is all I got to see..

The Bubble man was there and I LOVED watching him..

Look at this huge Bison...

Here I am riding on the tiger..

I had the best time..
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning at Sylvan Beach..

This morning we went to Sylvan Beach with Uncle Andrew..
I had a great time chasing the gulls..

And I got to pet Mr Buddy..
This lemon kept me occupied for about a half an hour..
And then off to the icecream shop for dessert...Yummy..
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Afternoon at Maddies

Maddie was our host this afternoon.. Look at her acting silly..

Olivia was there too..
And Liam acting goofy...
I played dress up with Maddies fun Princess clothes..

Thanks for a great afternoon Maddie..
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our House!!

A few friends came over this morning.. babies too.. here is baby Tali smiling all cute..

And baby Connor sleeping as usual..
Abe enjoyed the playhouse..
And I enjoyed looking silly..
How cute was Avery.. I havent seen her in a long time.. Her hair is so long and cute..
The quad bike was a real hit today..
I had fun on the swings too..

Then it was snack time.. My favorite..We had strawberries and blueberries to name a few.. Delicious.. Thanks for bringing them Maura and Hannah..

There's Liam too.. I didnt get any other pictures of him.. Sorry Liam..

Thanks for coming over guys.. It was great to see you all again..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cute pics from today.

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Dinner and the park!!

No more dinner and a movie for my mommy and daddy.. Dinner and the park is more our cup of tea..I love Carrabba's Ravioli.. Can you tell..

Dessert wasnt half bad either..
Then off to Onondaga Lake Park.. I went through the tunell

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More park pics

Daddy and I loved this huge tree..

I had fun on daddys shoulders..
And with the Geese...
and I took that stick everywhere..
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Morning at the beach..

Nothing like starting the day with a caramel frosted donut..

I played in the tunnel at the playground..
And back to the beach building sandcastles.. What a great morning..
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