Friday, November 30, 2007

Off to Abes to see his new house!

When we got to Abes Chloe and her mommy were there., It was great to see them.. It had been a while..
I pushe Chloe around in Abes new playroom..
we all grovelled for food as usual...
And I continued to utilize my new found skill of french kissing...
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My new word.. Baby..

I love my baby doll.. I give her kisses and pat her back just like mommy did for me..
Ahhhh baby.. I even took her to Abes house with me..
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Off to get Xmas photo's taken Not!!

Welll here she is all dressed for her xmas photographs but mommy waited too long.. She is going to have to do them herself.. I got all dressed up for nothing.. These are for you granny.. We thought you would like to see her dress..

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shopping and then Avery's house.

After saying bye bye to daddy mommy and I went shopping at Stride Rite....That store has awesome toys.... I got some shoes for my Christmas dress and some snow boots... Cool..

Then over to Avery's house for a game of hide and seek..
.Here is cutie Maddie..
Abe and I ....
And the hostess herself.. Thanks for having us over..

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Bitter Sweet Bye Bye Daddy!!

Here is the SWEET..
Ava gave daddy lots of her new french kisses before he left.. Daddy was in shock that she stuck her tongue out..He He!!

Our best pic all together before daddy left... Peek a boo Ava!!!
Still Sweet..
Here is the Bitter!!!
I love my daddy and I dont want him to go..... Poor Ava!!!! I love you and miss you daddy..XX
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Library Today

Boy.. I dont mean to be rude but your beak is huge..
Theres Avery...

One of the twins had mommy's keys.. I tried to get them
You cant have them she said.. We went round and around with those keys..

It was nice to be back at the library today but Avery and I sure missed Abe and Chloe Lynn..

Rosie and Alfies new best friend..

Ava finds a new toy Aluminum foil and

Alfie finds a new friend...
Rosie and Alfie dont seem to want to leave Ava's side now that she is walking..
And there are plenty of kisses to go around..
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Ava's 1st date

She obviously doent have that 3 date rule... I dont know where she gets this from...
Women are awful forward these days...I just want it known for the record he kissed her
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Monday, November 26, 2007

While daddy helped Abe move

Ayden came over to play because our daddys were helping Abe move.. We had so much fun and like I said earlier there will be more things Ayden taught me to come..
Look at this cutie pie.. You can see why I love my teacher huh..

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New Old toys

I bought one of Ava's old toys out today.. She hadnt seen it in several weeks and she was fascinated...
She really wanted to know how it worked..
Ayden was here and decided he would give her a lesson.. That isnt all he gave her a lesson on..

To be Cont....d
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