Thursday, May 31, 2007

We had to stay away from our friends today so Ava got reaquainted with her four legged friends..

Ava had all her friends over on Wed for a pool party.. They had a great rime while she was napping for most of it.. She loved having them over..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We went to Onandaga Lake park today and saw all Ava's friends.. They had changed just as much as she had in the month she was gone..

Ava found an eight legged friend in the pool..
She was chillin with her shades in the sun..
The kids,...that is Abe and Ava ,had fun with their dads in the pool this past memorial weekend .....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank you granny Dardis for having us in Ireland.. We had a great time and Thank you Nana McArdle for having us in Bulgaria.. the good weather was very much needed.. we had a blast on our holidays..
Ava had a play date with a friend and her ciusin John.. Dont they all look so happy to be together.. John doesnt realize that being stuck between two girls would later be the highlight of his day..
When we are finally getting ready to leave ava decides the excersaucer is actually fun.. Typical..!!
Ava with Grandpa a few days before we leave..
Grandma and Grandpa Dardis with their grandaughter... We had such a great time and they made us so welcome..
Granny dardis with Ava..
Ava is taking in some rays... This is also the house that we spent a whole month in on and off...
Anne Marie Johns mum myself Ava and John enjoy a day out at a petting farm and park.. It was lovely..We are here feeding some lambs..

Ava doesnt look too impressed with aunty Sinead.. Ava's godmother..
Ava's first real look at a ball.. She cannot make head nor tail of it..
Ava and Ellie hitching a ride,...
Mommy and Ava on Ellies Christening day
Nana and Ava and Great Granny and Ava below..
Jordan Nana and Ava..
Nana and Ava in Lovetch..
Uncle Simon and cousin Ellie... Dont they look scarily alike..
Mum and myself are having a good time.. I dont know about Ellie and Ava could care l;ess..
Ava and Jordan.. What a sweetie..
Well here Ava is trying to bounce on this substitute bouncer that looks better than it actually bounces..

Ava with her great nan that we met in Pargue on our way to Bulgaria.. What a traveller..
Mommy and Ava in Bulgaria..
Ava having a great time in Lovetch Bulgaria..
Ava and John are checking out their new excersaucer.. They dont look too impressed..

Baby John and Ava are chillin on her new playmat.. Then we visited daddy's neighbour Bretha... Ava was spoiled..
Ava on her first flight heading to Ireland.. She was a little angel
First time meeting Grandpa Dardis.. She looks dazed...
Ava and John look thrilled to have met..
Frank Ava myself and baby John on his Christening day..
There is Grandpa again.. Ava loved hanging out with him..



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The girls..

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