Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here Ava is with her Aunty Patricia her daddys only sister.. How cute are they both..

Here Ava's granny from Ireland feeding her after she has eaten her gassy peas..

How cute is this.. Id say there are as many peas on her face as in her mouth..

Here is Ava's Granny from Ireland feeding her peas.. She just loves them but oh boy does she have Gas after that...
Here she is now in her 12 month old pants.. She needs them to get over that buddah

I just love this picture of my little angel.. She is such a gorgeous girl and is the image of her daddy....
This is Ava with dr Kiltz who without him she would never be.. We are in debt to him forever..

Ava here in the freezing snow.. She is in her snow suit bought for her by her Great Granny Anny.. Just kidding nan I know you hate that.. Lol..
This was Ava's first trip to the library.. They read stories and had a great time..

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Here she is taking her first bite of cereal and her first time in the high chair.. She doesn't quite know what to think...
Daddy here with baby Ava in Steak and Shake on the way back from Louisville.. We had such a good time..

Baby ava is here with mommies good friends Ladonna and Jo Jo in Louisville KY..
Here is Ava with aunty Ladonna..She loves babies....
You can see in this picture why Ava is bouncing so much for!!!
You can see in this picture why Ava is bouncing so much for!!!

Ava just loves the bouncer...
Ava is trying to work off those extra pounds here... lol!!!!

Ava is laughing here and we cant get enough of that...!!!

Here is Ava in her swing for the first time

Here is my little Angel....
This is Ava on Valentines day.. how cute is she...



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