Thursday, September 13, 2007

Play date at Avery's

There were lots of people at Avery's today : Olivia, Trent, Nicholas, Jake, Collin Avery of course and baby Kate to mention a few.. we had so much fun.. i feel like Olivia and I really got to play together... Sort of I guess....


This is my spoon,,

No no its my spooon says Ava,,

Lets try and play together.....

I think not says Olivia as she pulls on Ava's ears...

Just kidding they love each other really...

Thanks for having us over Kristin..
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Ava on Avery's slide


Ava was checking out Avery's slide
She actually really liked it..
Trent decided he would show her how it is really done..
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Over to Aunty Linda's


We went to Aunty Linda's today ... It was so much fun.. i got to see a small dog Jack who I wasnt too sure about and I touched my first cat... I really like cats..


Linda seemed to be surprised by my weight... Just kidding..


Thanks for having us Linda..
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Ava's got new shoes..


Ava practiced walking in her new size 5 extra wide shoes today.. She looked like she was walking on the moon..

Just some really cute photo's to follow.................................

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lazy Sunday


Daddy let mummy sleep in this Sunday morning.. We observed the miserable day outside..


Still miserable dad...


They made their own fun though..


Ava got her first boo boo that blead.. Ahhhh !!
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The fam at Chloe's


family photo.. Thanks Todd it turned out great...
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Chloe's party

Chloe getting ready to open her gifts..
Ava made a new friend..

Maddie was there
And Avery..
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Before and After

The cake before Chloe got her hands on it and.....
After... Awesome!!!!!
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Chloe eating her cake

Chloe was having a great time eating her birthday cake..

Gosh should I have some more??? Its so Good..
Why not..... yummy!!!

Now she looks like she is going ti Hurl.. Wheres the bucket.....

Great party Sarah, Glen and Chloe.. thanks for having us..
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Friday, September 7, 2007

Laughing and eating w/ a fork..


Ava looking Cute...
Ava cracking up at mommy....

Ava being cute

Ava eating with a fork for the first time..
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cute Girls!!

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Miss independent..


Miss Ava doesnt seem to need mommy when we are out.. She is happy enough with everyone elses mom..




Here she is though being her cute little self..
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The girls..

The girls..

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