Monday, March 29, 2010

Playing so nice..

The girls were really playing nicely today.. ALL of them..

I love the pic above of Gabriella...
and they look so sweet in the pic below.. What a farse...

My 2 lil fairies..
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Maya looking cute..

This is officially my fave outfit now..

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So cold and early off to Friendlys..

So it was freezing at the park and had to find something to do for poor Andrews b-day.. Breakfast it was at friendlys..
The girls had a great time.. Milkshakes and all..
Maya was looking ever so cute in Sinead's outfit.. Thanks Sinead..
And afterwards off to the indoor playground..

Ava was oh so proud of herself and so was her mom.. She finally got up onto the Library all by herself.. She has watched in awe of all the other kids for so long and she finally did it all. GREAT Job Ava..
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Baltic 4 uncle Andrew

We headed up Andrews way for his birthday and had intended going to the park.. We tried.. It was absolutely baltic.. 28 degrees and a god awful windchill..
We did the swings and were there for all of 15mins..

The kids wanted to stay so bad but as you can see by their red faces it was way toooo cold..
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kids first Sno Top 2010..

And it was Freezing.. It looked very nice and felt great at our house but once in Manlius the wind was chilling..

We had however already stated they could get ice creams.. So who were we to disappoint
And who else did we see freezing thet buns off.. Liam and the girls..

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Now that the weather is nice we have been going to the park a great deal.. The girls really enjoying the slide..

And just cute..

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Mays's first bite..

Well its her second actually!!
She was so funny.. She got so excited when she saw the spoon... Of course I didnt have the camera then and missed it..
You can still see her excitement here though..
Back to more food on the face than in the mouth..

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cutie pututie.. 5mths old today!

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Finally enjoying the backyard!

The snow has finally melted and the kids could enjoy their back yard..Swinging..

Maya had a great time looking at the birds and trees etc..

We even played in the sandbox...(for over an hour I might add) : )
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lunch w/Daddy

After lunch we had fun at Onondaga Lake Park..
Maya and Mommy..
And whats this .. A pic of us all... Miracle..

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The girls..

The girls..

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