Monday, December 15, 2008

Tub Time in the day time..

Mommy had to run some errands today so Ava went to play with Chloe..
Ava had her first accident over there so poor Sarah had to give Ava a bath...
And Chloe obviously wanted in on the fun...!!!

Gabriella had fun too ...
But was wiped out by the time mommy got back...

Thank you guys for taking great care of my girls..
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Sarah Randall said...

Any time!! :)
Love the new blog background by the way!

Debs and Jordans family blog said...

hey what a great pic of gabriella, look at those eyes and expression. !!!!!!!!! glad to see you had fun with chloe ava. hugs and kisses nan and grandad xxxxxxx

Liam said...

Look at those cuties in the tub! Great photos!



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