Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute pics fom today..

A rare pic of Ava.. It was taken sneakily while she was watching Peter Pan her favorite movie..
Later we went to Chicago Uno for dinner.. Now that Gabriella isn't in her car seat we had to take her a chair..She was sooooo good..


Carol said...

awwww ... your little ladies are way too cute!

Amy said...

Your girls are just gorgeous!!

Kristin said...

I can't believe how quickly Gabriella is growing up. She's a cutie!

Ann said...

nice one of Ava look at Gabriella sitting up on her own cant believe she is so advanced looks great love Granny Englandxxxx

Debs and Jordans family blog said...

they are both so so gorgeous two sets of eyes, different shapes but both stunning. can't wait to give them a cuddle again and read stories.



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The girls..

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